Saturday, June 19, 2010

On Trial :Prop 8

It has been a while.  I haven't had much impulse to write anything lately.  I guess since life often possess te same cycles unless something new alters those cycles I have had little reason to comment on things I have already written about.

However something new has entered in to the picture and has given pause for a new thought.  Having recently served jury duty I've found myself somewhat intrigued by the legal process.  Just today I found myself reading all 164 pages of the closing statements made at the prop.8 trial.  I wish those proceedings had been permitted to be aired but it was perhaps to spare those who desire to legislate discrimination some embarrassment.

I'm encouraged by how strong the case is by those in favor of same sex marriage.  The evidence is clear as was the testimony given. The opposition, claiming to be the majority and will of the people of California, unable to produce the any sort of majority of those willing to testify in their defense.

While I'm no lawyer, the case is incontrovertibly clear as is what would be a just decision.  It is frightening to me that fear and irrationality often present in conservatives who resist addressing "the gay issue" is permitted such public heed.  It would be well with the gay community to continue building its allies and friends based in facts and truth and not in superstition and religious controversies.  While I quietly pray for a win for same gender marriage, the battle for equality of the LGBTQ community is only beginning.  This is but the beginning and it is a war of sorts.  But why should we expect it to be anything less as it was a war that gave our country independence, and to some extent, a war that triggered equal rights.  May we be willing to fight for our rights together.