Monday, July 5, 2010

A new frontier: Rediscovering passion

In this whole new journey of self discovery, or better put, self rediscovery I'm finding my talents again.  It's not often where I think spending large sums of money can equate to any sort of happiness but I've found the exception to the usual rule that you cannot buy happiness.

It's been a strange blessing of sorts getting the new computer.  It started as just a need because the old one was dying and something would have to be done to save the work on it before it gave out altogether.  I usually sell myself short and not get top of the line stuff, but this time it was different.  I wanted something I could grow into on some level which meant I couldn't be cheap this time around.  I sought out what it would take to do the things I want on it and found what would meet those needs.  Actually I thought it was a very mature choice, despite the cost.

With that newness comes all new software to learn and a simple yet exciting opportunity to rediscover. I now have a machine that can keep up with my creative abilities.  Something my last computer did minimally and with great frustration.  It is so easy now to record a musical idea, or assemble a video and put it on youtube.  How awesome it is to be creative!