Saturday, November 7, 2009

A repost from my facebook with some value added comentary. I couldn't resist

I just cannot believe how some have to keep telling lies.  I found this on the anti-gay 'protect "marriage" wa' website (I will not post a like to give them more hits) after a whiny and lengthy diatribe complaining about them wanting all of the names that signed the petition to put R 71 on the ballot kept secret.  I'll only repost the key item they wrote at the bottom of their most recent post.

Friday November 6, 2009

The results of the November 2009 election in Washington remain too close to call. 

Too close to call with pretty much all the ballots in hand and most of them counted!?!?!  You have to be frakin' kidding me!!! Get your divisive self righteous heads out of your behinds and look at the numbers.  The math doesn't lie.  1 + 1 still does equal 2 although I'm sure a number of literalist Christian conservatives would like to change this truth as well.

Clearly these people have no idea how elections work.  The voting margins have been set it, is clear how people are voting in each county, and the people have spoken.  Admittedly this is not a land slide in favor of gay rights outside of King county, but still, the majority has spoken in a vote by the people.  As the votes were coming in and "approve R-71" maintained a lead the anti-gay group were asking the Christians of the state to "pray - in" a "reject" victory (because all good Christians are apparently anti-gay rights since, "the Bibles says..." and therefore God is on their side) my sick ex-Mormon mind couldn't help but to think that there prayers weren't being answered because...

Perhaps you have some unresolved sin, aren't praying with 'real intent', aren't reading your scriptures enough, aren't paying a full and honest tithe, aren't fasting with purpose, aren't participating in your church meetings, aren't doing enough temple work or fully performing your callings (for my Mormon friends) for God to hear and answer your prayers to reject domestic partnerships.  This is the basis for having prayers answered after all as I was taught in my youth and what I was asked to teach as a missionary.  That OR, God does not exist, OR domestic partnerships and gay rights ARE in fact the will of God.  Hmm...

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