Friday, March 26, 2010

Hold your horses

Wow!  My last post has been the most controversial one to date.  Thanks everyone for being such great participants, or perhaps great sports- a touch of humor, truly.  My own little corner here is usually such a dark one that I'm really quite surprised at the number of reactions that have found their way on the comments page.

To those who may have been offended - none was intended.  It was a rather blunt writing after seeing a few blogs dealing with a mixed orientation marriage where things were not going as was desired.  I certainly didn't set out to spend my one year anniversary post shooting down those trying to make something work that I could not.

Just prior to starting this one I put on my other blog how I hope this has stirred a center of conscious thought.  So let me redirect the cross examination a bit.  What I hope everyone can take away from the previous post was an opportunity for themselves.  To give yourself the permission to ask "Why am I/we doing this?"  And to ask it of yourself and should you be so fortunate, your significant other, on a frequent basis.  Is it out of duty, commitment, faith, hope devotion, love, fear, comfort..... Only you can ask the question and (I hope) honestly answer it.

There's a line at the end of Back to the Future.  It goes something to the effect "the future is yours, so make it a good one."  So despite my on the surface cynicism of the last writing I hope and pray you are all able to carpediem... in whatever way that means for you.

Peace all,

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  1. I'm sorry if I came off as defensive. As I said, that wasn't going to be the intent of my comment, I suppose, however, that any explanation of our situation will most likely come across as a defense of our choices.

    I have come to realize recently though that our choices will need no defense if our motives and the process by which we arrive at those choices is sound. If the process involves thought, ration, communication, and love, then the actions will of necessity reflect that process. As you say we need to judge that process frequently, determining what motivates our actions more than the actions themselves.

    Hope you are well. We need to have our BBQ sometime soon, the weather is improving.