Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Orientation of Underwear?

At the request of Abelard Enigma.  A discussion about gay underwear.  But first a disclaimer.  Those of you not allowed to look at other guys in any sort of revealing attire should probably sit this one out.  That is unless you intend to do some shopping as a result of this.  I don't want hate mail from anyone's significant other suggesting I'm trying to lure people away.  A bit of a joke folks - have a sense of humor...

For those not deeply versed in all things gay one might ask "how on earth can underwear be gay?"  It is a valid question indeed.  While any article of clothing is not inherently anything other than an inanimate object, it is the association with the wearer that usually is the correlation. We all know of the stereotypical gay man who is so effeminate he has to carry a fire extinguisher for being so "flaming," and takes preppy fashion to a whole new level of gayness. Then there are the guys in the middle who will set off your gaydar but their extremes in clothing taste are fairly moderate to conservative. And lastly, the rather masculine sort that befuddles the gaydar, leaves you guessing at best, and not knowing him from any other straight man at worst.  These are the casual guys that look like any other guy, sometimes sporting cargos or carpenter jeans and a T or kicking back in Nike b-ball shorts and a wifebeater.  I find myself falling in to the last category which probably in part explains why I find myself still single.  Just an aside, I have had some friends with the best gaydar tell me I can't possibly be gay since I have a low gaydar profile and dress way too "straight."

With whatever we may be seeing on the outside and pinging our gay "spidy sense," our internal unseen expression through unmentionables will often reveal some clues. While some may see underwear as a utilitarian necessity, we won't discuss those who chose to wander about without said undergarments, I have found a reasonable percentage of gay fellas express themselves, in some fashion and by extension -their gayness, through their choice of underoos.

It doesn't take one long to wander through the "mens furnishings" of any major department store to see some interesting trends.  And of course these trends will vary from locale even within a given region.  Comparing two major high-end malls here near Seattle demonstrate this quite well.  The mall in the richer metropolitan area places much more emphasis on the designer labels, for example.  Of course the items a store sells is very much marketed and geared toward the community they serve.

If you were to go to a major online site that both the gay community and sellers consider geared towards the "homosexual male" we see some even more interesting things..

An example of tasteful but still highly provocative gay underwear might be the following model.

A bit understated as far as "out and proud" gay underwear is concerned but still fashionable and fun.

  Adventuring a but more in to the more daring would be the following which has certain internal enhancements for the male form and a silky synthetic fabric.

It is still somewhat conservative in terms of design and fabric choice, but with the improvements in the garment to provide a bit of "lift and separation" this certainly ventures in to the world of underwear only a gay man would wear.  Or any man who is very comfortable in his own masculinity.  It certainly helps to have a well toned body for any gay underwear.

The next several examples are what one would consider classic case "gay underwear."  While in many respects any of this could be considered stereotypical these are rather common place and practical generalizations.  Any guy that has gone to a gay pride festival knows what is part and parcel for such an event.  You won't see any underwear vendors selling comfy roomy boxers or plain white Calvin Klein boxer briefs. Nope, many gay men want loud, and/or revealing.  But the following are fairly typical examples of what an underwear store geared towards the gay man sells in droves.  The boys will fight over the cute prints.

Loud prints and fashion waistbands are in for the gay guys.  To say nothing of very trim and form fitting.  For many its all about revealing your "assets." Time to hit the gym if you have any reservations about slipping in to some of these.

Shiny silky fabrics are always good.  The tighter the underwear the softer and silkier it has to be.  Or at least thats my general rule.

And venturing in to the more risque.  Well, with all the mesh and see thru fabrics there are you can imagine the many variations there can be on this theme.  I was going to throw caution to the wind entirely and actually put up such an example.  But I don't need to be chastised or accused of posting "soft core porn" by those that can't handle it.  If you don't want your gay card revoked you should get comfortable with it.  If ladies can have naughty underwear for the heterosexual crowd why can't gay men?  With that said here is the link to such an example,

So you can see the general theme accepted amongst the gay male populous for underwear is that which pushes boundaries in form, fit, design, and fabrics.  The general idea is to show off your body or in some way bring attention to yourself.  Trunks and boxer-briefs, as well as other European inspired underwear designs, are very popular with the gay fellas.

So as to avoid an inrush of inquires.  No I don't have a deal with Undergear.  They just happened to have all the examples I was looking for.  All of the pictures come from their online store and you can browse at your leisure.  And for the others who are dying to know what this gay man wears... No you won't really find any of this kind of underwear in my drawer.  Yes deduct ten points off my gay card.  I'm way too much of a traditionalist to wear all of this tight, flashy stuff.  I do have a wide variety of fun, loud, and comfortable boxers and a few fun silk boxer briefs, but that's as wild as I get.  Nope - you don't get to see, only my BF will get to view any of that up close.

Hope that helps Abe.  I always like an excuse to post attractive guys in practically nothing.  Thanks for the idea!

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