Saturday, October 9, 2010

Freedom to love: A new campaign

I'm starting to go public with a concept.  I'm dangling the carrot as it were to see if anything nibbles at it prompting me to go forward in what I'm sure will be both a positive and slightly controversial social movement.

It all started with the events over the last couple weeks.  First one suicide than another, than bullying resulting in suicide... Ellen's comments, the The Trevor Project's new campaign.  The tipping point was the words of the president of the Quorum of the LDS 12 apostles, Boyd K. Packer at the most recent LDS General Conference.  Those still connected to the Mormon dome are well aware of what a mess this has caused.  I heard yesterday there was another gay teen suicide in Utah... the protest around temple square.  I mean things have just gone sideways.  A storm is indeed gathering and its not just the one outside my window right now.

While waiting the hour to go off to work something popped in to my head.  I've always felt that the gay community and the equal rights movement within the LGBT community was a little scattered.  Perhaps we're all too busy or just a little to A.D.D,... oh look at the kitty....  Maybe its just me but it almost seems that since the loss of Harvey Milk things have been without a focus.  We know what we want and what we're after, but the ship seems adrift.  We need something to unify us in this cause of equality.  Usually that is a person, a leader, but I don't see one.  Or maybe there are so many spread across the country and the globe.  There isn't a single thing anymore that brings us together... maybe having something, a focus will get us over the hump of frustration, of continued denigration, alienation, and so many other things.

And then it hit me... why couldn't that thing be a song?  Within a matter of minutes, since that was all the time I had, the words and the music came together.  The rest of the idea took place over the next several hours.  If this is a song that will express everyone then they need to lend their voice to what is expressed.  With the number of musicaly inclined gays there are in the world, or just Mormondom if we want to be narrow focused, this should be quite a simple thing.

So the initial idea blossomed further... I have provided the chorus, lets open up the writing of the verses to the homo world at large.  A sort of contest.  All they get is the chord structures and associated rhythm - aka the accompaniment, (and the preproduced chorus) they get to provide the rest.  It seems like a good idea to give voice to what we are all feeling these days.  I have no personal desires to gain a thing from this other than getting true equality here a little faster.

There are far too many lives being lost to wait another day or waste more time debating what God thinks of gay people and whether or not good Christians or Mormons should allow them to be who they are or get married if they so choose.  An acquaintance told me, "wow, maybe you're the next Harvey Milk."  To which I quickly said, no I don't have half the leadership qualities of Harvey.  I have neither the face or poetic words to rally the troops... but I do have a song, and a vision.  I pray it is a good as it seems.


  1. Maybe the reason why there has been no one movement is that the collective consciousness of the community does not know what it wants. Yes, there are tangible things like same-sex marriage and adoption rights, but beyond that there is tons of confusion. In some ways, the Civil Rights movement sort of lost its focus after mid 60's and Feminism kind of lost its way after the 70's...and there is still inequality in both.

    All those issues aside, I fully believe that every little more power to you in your project, Sean.

  2. It took Anita Bryant, to give the gay rights movement... movement! Harvey,and people like myself who had moved to S.F.from our hometowns back then, because being gay, or even just knowing someone who was gay, was considered Taboo, at home, in school, at work and particularly within houses of worship.

    Sadly, people forget to quickly, even after the media reports of gay bashing, gay killing or anti-gay politicians and church leader's anti-gay rhetoric. I have been fighting for equal rights for gays for over 40 years... and it will take more that a song, a chorus or words to change the status quo. However, don't stop thinking how to bring change... it does happen, too often, to slow.

    Welcome to the real world.

  3. Can't wait to hear the song when you are ready to share it!