Saturday, September 12, 2009

Courting the Muse

After a several year dry spell it's nice to be back to work being thoroughly creative and artistic. I've just started a new project with some friends... shhh it's a secret. Lets just say it is a musical of unique design. We're in the creation process and of course yours truly is the composer. It's strange really doing this sort of work again after being away so long - but it is also very rewarding writing original stuff. I was always fulfilled working on a show, or should I say reworking. Since this is my first foray in a complete original score to succeed, or at least get off the ground, I must admit I'm a little nervous.

For many years I've been working in a sacred choral mode and most of my official output was in choir/organ works. When creation grinded to a halt with little outlet to use those works the desire to write anything went with it. Musical creativity was limited to improvised music on Sunday at the "informal service" where I would essentially create all music not sung on the fly. While that is all well and good my desire for more musical structure wasn't being met. So this opportunity to create a powerful show and use all of my composer/orchestrator skills is one I can't turn up - especially with the subject matter of the show. Sorry I can't tell yet...

What is so interesting is how the muse and the way it works is different then before. It's like a new relationship. Before everything was very linear, through composed, start at the beginning and work until the end. Now inspiration is coming at the most strange of times and not necessarily at what I would consider the beginning of a song. It's little bit of a dance and challenge coming up with the score, but then realizing that I've just created a nice chorus or hook, and not the beginning verse. Most unusual for me. But so it goes - with several numbers in creative production and at the same time too.

Any good musical theater actors/ musicians want a gig? This one is going to be demanding in all musical and theatrical senses.

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