Monday, September 28, 2009

My Transformation To The Dark Side Is Complete

So very Star Wars of me. On a whim I went by Barnes & Noble yesterday hoping to find some sort of meaningful books looking at the whole gay Mormon thing. While discouraged that I will have to follow through with the joys of getting what I want online and waiting impatiently for it to arrive, I was able to pick up a couple other gems that were just screaming at me from the shelf.

I picked up The Mormon Cult - Jack B. Worthy and also Leaving the Saints - Martha Beck. I guess you could say I'm reading in soft cover form instead of just online, true "anti" literature - gasp. Of course if you don't believe all of the religious horse pucky known as Mormonism does that still make it anti? I always find it funny that anything not written by a member or general authority that defends the purity and truthfulness of the LDS church is instantly tossed in to the "anti" bin and is surely Satan trying to steal away souls from the one and only true church. Sorry Catholics, Mormons use that phrase with so much more conviction and righteous indignation.

At any rate Jack Worthy's mission story was a nice quick read and I'm in to the 4th chapter of Martha Beck's rather thick book. Strange how invigorating reading other's journeys away from the [one true church to rule them all] can be. Perhaps I should write a book too.

Still to be read... No More Goodbyes - Carol Lynn Pearson, among many other good "anti" books sure to confine me to the hottest pits of hell - as if being gay wasn't the express there already.


  1. "Good Bye, I Love You" is another good Carol Lynn book.

    Welcome to the family, I'm glad I found your blog.