Sunday, September 6, 2009

What follows the storm

I was just making dinner and was watching the weather outside. It's been a stormy day here in the Seattle area with lots of the ubiquitous rain as well as the not so usual thundering and lightning. As the storm was moving on I realized how alive everything seemed after such an abundant rainfall. There is also something about the light of the sun as the clouds begin to part. The grass was such an effervescent green. Even the poorly neglected roses seemed more vibrant and sure of themselves.

It had me pondering about my own storms just a little bit. With out the stormy weather there can be no growth. Without the nourishment of the rains there can be no rejuvenation of life. Even the cleansing of the air with the ionization brought by the lightning. Without a little stormy precipitation there would be nothing but desolate dryness.

I quickly started associating this little analogy to my own storms of the last 8 months. I keep asking, "God, why is this so difficult? Why are things going this way?" And today the answer became clear. You are being nourished for further growth... After the rains the sun will come out and you will flourish, just as you were created to do.


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