Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Selective Truth: Is Censorship A Coverup?

Just happen to come across the link where a BYU art student had their exhibit removed from showing because it talked about the "gay issue."  The exhibit, part of a show, had been quietly rearranged so that this students work could be secretively removed.

The Artist said the following:

"Apparently the topic of homosexuality is a bit much for the BYU audience and my part of our Fine Art Classes show was taken down today. It seems that censorship is favored over support and love. This really saddens me. I found out because a friend of mine went to the show and said that my peices had been removed and the show had been rearranged.

I photographed all the portraits using similar lighting and cropping. I also used a tilt shift lens to achieve selective focus, so that the subjects eyes are the only part of the image in focus. This was purposefully done to force the viewer to look in the eyes of these individuals. I hope that through this project we can realize that all men (and women) are created equal in the eyes of God."

Go to the "lord's university" and be censored by anyone who disagrees or thinks you are bringing in the devious thoughts and presuasions of the devil.  So much for an unbiased education.  Who am I kidding... since when was the LDS church unbiased.

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