Friday, October 2, 2009

Smoke and Mirrors: The house of cards

Already I find myself making lot of new friends via this humble little corner of the blog-o-sphere.  It is amazing how like mindedness ends up pulling complete strangers together.  I'm nearly in the last third of my book by Martha Beck, Leaving the Saints.  I had not realized until last night that she was a daughter of Hugh Nibley the legendary defender of Mormon theological virtue, I mean 'truthfulness.'

I was thinking last night what the adoring LDS fans would think of Hugh if they knew that most of his "scholarly work" defending the structures of mormonism were a complete and udder fake.  Nearly all of the annotations and footnotes were mostly made up by a nutty, yet in a brilliant sort of way man.  Perhaps he was trying to repent of the sexual abuse inflicted on his children by running to the church's defense when the Egyptian Paparyi were rediscovered - the so called "Book of Abraham."  The book of Joseph Smith making it up yet again.

When the truth about the scrolls came to light, that they were nothing more than Egyptian burrial rites, and not another revelation from God to Joe BlowSmith about Abraham, the church must have spent millions trying to squelch a "non faith promoting fact."  Like Clark Johnsen, our own stripping warrior says, "truth needs no buttress.'' I just love that saying.  Clark is a genius with this kernel of truth!  The fact that Joe Smith's story telling, I mean "translation" didn't even come close to the real thing is proof enough to the forgery known as Mormonism.  You don't need non existent gold plates to realize that not only did he not have an ability to translate, divinely or otherwise, the plates never existed beyond JS own mind.

And what of the testimonies of the other witness you ask?  They are just as forced and falsified as many of those who get up in fast and testimony meeting every month.  I know mine was and I am always part of the average majority.  Being an exception to the rule is indeed nice every now and then.

So it got me to thinking about how the church came about.  Really it did start just like a cult.  But now it is a really large one.  One that has been around just long enough to have some degree of religious plausibility and credibility.

I'm a firm believer that JS had some mental issues, especially by today's standards of mental health.  Yes, he was dripping with woo abilities and charisma - the only reason the church got going to begin with - but as many brilliant people are regardless of their education, he was nuts.

No prophet since the dawn of creation has seen God in person - because as we learn in the bible the radiance of God would destroy all unclean things.  Of course JS was also unbaptized by "proper priesthood" rite and past the Mormon coveted "age of accountability." He was, as we all are, a sinner.  That right there would negate him ever seeing God let alone a resurrected Christ with God.  And I don't care who you are or where you come from but to put yourself above a prophet as great as Moses who only saw a fragment of God's radiance in the form of a burning bush?  And as a boy in back water NY county who would find plates of gold that never existed?  The whole thing is as crazy as Hugh Nibley's life long defense of it.

Really there is one miracle going on with in the walls of Mormonism that just can't be explained other than the miracle of modern medicine.  The age of the breatheren that run this wizard of oz show.  And yes there is a man behind the curtain - and there is with each new president of the church.  And those that follow it are as silly as Dorothy, the tin man, the scarecrow, and the lion for thinking the wizard was so great and powerful.  But even the most intelligent on the earth can be deceived.  However, even Dorothy in her simple and inquisitive way had the courage to look behind the curtain, and the truth was revealed to her.  Most in the midst of Mormon culture and resulting mental control won't even approach that veil to see what is really behind it.

As I realized last night Mormonism is an upside down house of cards.  It doesn't matter if the first card is the Book of Mormon or it's author Joe Smith since it is the same starting place.  But it is no wonder why a faith must have the staff and legal counsel as LDS Inc. does.  With out such devoted people to be constantly putting out fires and hiding the truth and history in the church vaults up in Witch Mountain, the "faith" would have ended the moment the bullet hit Smith.  Joseph was smart to have such loyal lineage to follow in his footsteps.  But just as soon as something comes to weaken that first card the bloodhounds are on it to hush it up faster than you can say pestilence.

But try as one might to kick out that first card, there are, unfortunately, too many people to hold the rest of the upside down house of cards from the top.  Too many who have much at stake to let even a false church collapse.  The mass suicides that would happen if the church crumbled to the ground would indeed make the heavens weep.  I don't think that God, assuming God does indeed exist, would let that happen, even to a large cult such as Mormonism.  How said it is that the mind control keeps you in ignorant bliss - and all of that control, I mean obedience, from the simplest tool of the devil... fear.

Those who are fascinated with the "plan of salvation" will recall that only Satan wanted their to be no choice in finding God and happiness.  Blind obedience is casting aside, free agency.  How that must delight Lucifer to not have to force people to give up their ability to choose, but to have them give it and everything else they are or possess freely and gladly in belief it is the will of an angry God.  But it is not to God they give things, but all of their time talents etc, to "The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints for building the kingdom.."  Not to God but a church run by men.

I am no longer afraid. I am not afraid of myself.  I am not afraid of the church that took all that I thought I was but wasn't. And best of all I'm not afraid of my God and creator.  When we are not afraid of it truth can be revealed.

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