Thursday, October 15, 2009

Would you change the mind of God?

"Would you want to belong to a religion where you could change God's mind about something?"

I saw this question on the Deseret News website in response to reactions about General Conference and what the General Authorities are saying about homosexuality.  It was such a provocative question that I couldn't help but bring it here.  I will answer the question at the end.

As the tension increases and the great debate of whether or not being gay is ok as God sees it I stumbled across something I couldn't push away.  I was rather touched by the film "MILK."  How someone in essence died as a martyr for the gay rights movement.  While many LDS like to lay claim that Joseph Smith was the only "true" martyr in religious history I found some interesting and painful stuff in church history.

It is really amazing how when you start diging in the past of Mormon history it reopens old wounds of leaving the church fearing deep down it was true. Yes, I still have more healing to do but finding this little gem of history continually affirms that I made the right choice to leave Mormonism behind and find my true self.

I was perusing the Affirmation website and learned that the church in the 1970's whole heartedly approved of the anti-gay movement.  The church that claims to love everyone, as long as you are baptised in the church and are obedient to the leaders and just do as you are told... isn't quite so innocent.  As if there was ever any doubt in my mind.

In "MILK" and seeing the documentary "The Bible Tells Me So" I was stunned by the "christian" nastiness by the fallen crusader Anita Bryant.  Few have been so publicly anti-gay and homophobic.  I was surprised to learn that she does in fact have a gay son and, shockingly, her stance outside of the spotlight has softened towards the gay community.

Even more shocking is the the LDS church fully supported Bryant and her claims as well as her movement.  Bryant was supported by the Relief Society and the "Prophet" of the church when they brought her to Utah in the 1970's.  I was just stunned that a church professing to follow Christ would invite such a person.  It's really is no different than embracing a white supremacist when you think about it.  I was shocked and saddened and relieved that I no longer participate in the so called "One True Church."  The proof of the said alliance is below.

Now to answer the question at hand... 
"Would you want to belong to a religion where you could change God's mind about something?"


It is at that point where it ceases to be a religion and becomes a relationship.  This is the culmination of what all religion is, to have that close relationship with God.  It would no longer be about faith because God is no longer a mysterious thing never seen but always prayed to.  And it isn't a vain or prideful thing to want such a thing.  Prophets throughout biblical history have wrestled with God to change God's mind.  Unquestionably YES.

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