Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Conference Talk continued. I am madder than H-E double hockey sticks

I know. I'm such an apostate waiting as a wolf in sheep's clothing, I just can't leave the church alone can I.  Well my previous post was a little premature.  I spent much of Monday evening perusing the video of most of the sessions rather than sleeping.  Admittedly, the more I watched after seeing the buzz on various people's blogs from this or that general authority the angrier I got.  When I came across the link of the youtube clip of "Bring them from the plains" I just completely broke down and wept until about 1AM.  I was so broken down I had to write my still TBM dad and tell him how upset I was.

So I had brewing in my head yesterday a couple of responses.  Posting on youtube is so ridiculous with all of the TBM's patrolling every church clip and instantly reporting or voting down any response not favorable to the church.  But I like to publicly stir the pot so I keep doing it.

Now to "speak ill of the Lord's 'annointed.'"

M. Russell Ballard started to get my blood boiling.  And to use a prop (Hyrum Smiths BOM) from church vaults as if that some how validates the "truth" is nothing more than emotional blackmail.  Produce some golden plates for academia to look at and then we'll talk.  I hope some day I will get to meet Clark Johnsen and thank him for his courage in being out in the public with his thoughts on the church and being gay (and all the others out there for that matter).  I will use his line yet again here, "Truth needs no buttress."  A turned down page in the back of an old book owned by someone lawfully imprisoned and unfortunately shot for taking away the right to free speech does not in any way prove the truth of Mormonism one iota.

Elder Ballard in his chest beating conference talk suggested no one can leave the church with out dragging the BoM through the mud.  Or as he said walking over it, around it, through it, etc.  As if doing such a thing is only unique to Mormonism or somehow the persecution of this "poor abused church" like in civil war times still continues.  That just proves the church is true he implies while waving around a first edition BoM.

Since the BoM and Joe Smith are the keystones to the church how is it in any way surprising that people who believe the church to be false will not either directly or indirectly attack the church?  To think differently is a logical fallacy.  This goes back to the upside down house of cards in one of my earlier postings.  If all that is (ahem) "true" is built upon these two things of course they will be constantly attacked.  Especially when there is sufficient evidence to if not disprove at least call in to serious question the validity of Mormonism's claims of the Nephites etc., the Pearl of Great Price, and numerous other questionable "prophesies."

But this is no different for Mormonism than it would be to walk on Mary Baker Eddy if you were a Scientologist, or Luther and the small catechism, or Judaism and the Torah.  Suggesting that people only attack the Mormon church, it's founding leaders and doctrine is not only false but incredibly arrogant and ignorant.

Dallin H. Oaks - and his tip toeing around the "gay issue" while saying nothing more than than "those cohabitating outside of marriage" really got me going too.  Just come out and say it.  I guess they are afraid that it will make people gay or sinful if they use proper terminology.  His talking about following ALL of God's laws made me laugh.  Time to rescind mixed marriages, civil rights, and mixing fabrics (Leviticus) - uh oh would that mean you can wear the polyester garment top with the cotton bottoms? Hmmm.  Well if it's God's law.  Perhaps that part wasn't translated correctly either.

It's clear the general authorities of the church are fearing something.  The only thing I can suggest is that they are indeed losing ground and probably membership.  And as psychology tells us those that begin to lose control of those they wish to keep in control... the more adverse and desperate their plea to not upset the status quo increases.  Conference was full of that, as well as making members more fearful of the world outside of the church.  Keep those blinders on and you'll be happy.

I'll have to go on about the whole Elder Hafen garbage after I get a chance to really read it.

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